Mission and Mandates


Our mission is to ensure the consultation, planning, and collaboration of actions concerning the integrated watershed management in the Vaudreuil-Soulanges area from a standpoint of sustainable growth. The COBAVER-VS acts as a regional round table who brings together all groups or individuals concerned by water and its management (e.g. municipalities, citizens and communities, farmers, industries, environmental groups, different levels of government, etc.) to ensure sustainability of our water resource.


To fulfill his mission, the COBAVER-VS must carry out the following mandates:

  • Develop and periodically update the Water Management Plan (WMP);
  • Implement the WMP and ensure its monitoring;
  • Facilitate consultation between the different water stakeholders on the territory by developing strategies enabling their participation and active commitment;
  • Continuously inform the population and the water stakeholders and increase their awareness;
  • Promote cooperation between the region’s water stakeholders;
  • Partake in the implementation of the St. Lawrence regional integrated management plan.