Projects in partnership with Nature-Action Québec

Shrub plantation

The project of shrub plantation aimed at planting riparian strips or berry bushes to offer shelter and food to birds and perennial plants to pollinators. More than 400 shrubs and closed to 200 perennials were distributed to 12 owners in the region. To help with the plantation, factsheets were given on pollinator gardens and plant characteristics. Landscaping plans were created and horticulture students from the Centre des Moissons volonteered for the plantation.

Riparian strip workshop

In partnership with Nature Action Québec (NAQ), educational workshops were offered to residents to bring their awareness to the protection of waterways. Information on best practices on watershores and advices on plantation were provided.

Green corridors

In 2011, COBAVER-VS engaged with NAQ to develop green corridors in the Vaudreuil-Soulanges area. The project ended in 2015.