Water Quality Monitoring

Under the agreement with MDDELCC Réseau-Rivières program, the COBAVER-VS is interested in following Beaudette and Delisle River water quality. These two rivers are St. Lawrence River tributaries. Water samples are collected at two sampling stations monthly and analysed. At sampling, pH, turbidity, dissolved oxygen, temperature and conductivity are measured. Samples are sent at the Centre d’expertise en analyse environnementale du Québec (CEAEQ) laboratory. The Index of Bacteriological and Physicochemical Quality (indice de qualité bactériologique et physicochimique (IQBP)) is measured to assess the general quality of water. IQBP is based on six variables : total phosphate, fecal coliforms, ammoniacal nitrogen,  suspended matter, nitrites and nitrates, and total chlorophyll a.

Results will help to assess the state of watersheds and identify contamination sources, which will allow prioritizing interventions to improve water quality.

River Network – Interactive Atlas on Surface Water Quality and Aquatic Ecosystems