Characterization and protection of the Beaudette River fish habitat

COBAVER-VS as submitted a project as part of the Habitat stewardship for species at risk, prevention stream. The objective of this project is to characterize and protect the Beaudette River fish habitat, while improving water quality. The Beaudette River as an important sport fishing sanctuary and is home to many vulnerable and socio-economic species. Therefore, actions aimed at reducing water quality degradation and limit soil erosion which causes sediment loading.

During summer 2016, a characterization of the river has been realized to document potential habitats, erosion sites and identify urgent restoration sites. Multiple stations have been sampled to identify contamination sources. Fish inventories have been done in partnership with the RRCA, the St. Lawrence River Institute and the MFFP.

Concrete actions are desirable to resolve the problems characterized. Renaturalization of riverbanks is the most important action to consider in agricultural and residential areas. These improvements will enhance water quality, reduce chemical and fertilizer inputs and alleviate siltation.

Click on the link below to access the final report (French):

Rapport Final_Caractérisation et protection de l’habitat du poisson de la rivière Beaudette